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The Tennis Life

Mar 5, 2013

The following is an essay written by a passionate youngster training in the Junior Champions Program at JTCC:

Tennis Dream

Tennis is my favorite thing.  There is nothing else for me, if I don’t become a tennis pro, I will become a tennis college player and a coach.  

I imagine many things when I play, and I think about beating good players, I imagine being a pro.  I do this because I love tennis more than anything.  I would do anything for tennis.  I would give up my relaxation time, and I would give up…really anything.  I would give it all up with no regrets.  I think about and imagine myself winning Wimbledon, about being in the top 8, winning Grand Slams, being undefeated.

When I am running to get a hard ball, or someone is really stretching me out wide, or running back to get a lob, I don’t need to look if the ball is going in, because I have a picture in my head of where the opponent is and how the court looks like and I can see the ball.

Just playing tennis is my dream.  The tennis court is the only place where I don’t stress out about school, or I can be more relaxed and I can be free.  I am kind of having a hard time with words writing this essay.  I know what my main goals are, most important is to get better.  I know you have to give up everything to be a pro, and I am willing to do it.  I know you have to be extremely passionate and even then you might not become a pro.  I know you also have to put a lot of hard work.

I wish my mom made me play a lot more when I was younger.  My mom said, but not to brag, when I was a tiny kid I could hit the ball over the net many times in a row when other, older kids could not.  I could never quit tennis.  I am happy I am at College Park where I can get professional training.

Tennis is not recreation to me.  Tennis is life.

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