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High Performance champions  program Overview

The JTCC Champions program provides young people with a challenging pathway that leads them to top-tier collegiate and potentially professional competition.

The Champions program is inspired by JTCC President Vesa Ponkka who started the program in 1999 and Senior Director of Player Development Oliver Akli who arrived in 2000. The program is led by General Manager of Player Development Megan Moulton-Levy and Senior Director of Player Development Alisama Agnamba.

To participate in the Champions program, a player must have a strong work ethic and must qualify as a tournament player whose goal is to play college tennis. JTCC develops champions who live by the philosophy of “Trust your Training.”

High performance training takes place on and off the court. The four levels comprising the Champions program are Junior Champs (tournament players ages 8-11), Champs II (USTA L6 and L7 tournament players), Champs I (USTA L1 – L5 Sectional tournament players), and the Full Time Champs program (USTA National and ITF tournament players and players enrolled in distance learning).

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Junior Champs

The Junior Champs program is year round and designed for tournament level players ages 8-11.

Champs I

The Champs I program is year-round and designed for players who are active tournament participants at the USTA National level (L1 – L5) and ITF tournaments.

Champs II

The Champs II program is year-round and designed for 8th grade and high school players who will compete in high school tennis and/or USTA Sectional L6 and L7 tournaments.

Full Time Champs

The Full Time Champs program is year-round and designed for USTA National level players, ITF tournament players, and players who are enrolled in distance learning.