JTCC has developed a successful individualized learning environment where students are supervised and monitored by teachers to supplement an online curriculum.

For additional information on JTCC School, contact Director of School Mark Santangelo at

JTCC results speak for themselves

JTCC School graduates are well-prepared for the demands of playing top collegiate tennis while pursuing their education at a wide range of leading colleges and universities including Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, University of Virginia, UCLA, University of North Carolina, Duke, and Claremont McKenna College, to name a few.

JTCC has utilized the Laurel Springs School online curriculum for 18 years. Laurel Springs’ collegiate track is accredited by the NCAA. The JTCC School provides students with the flexibility required to train and compete at the highest levels of junior tennis while ensuring that everyone who graduates is fully prepared for college.

JTCC students are in class with a teacher for two-hour sessions twice daily in the morning and the afternoon. Students are also expected to complete coursework in the evenings and on weekends as in any traditional school.

JTCC emphasizes academic excellence and character development

While students are on tournament travel, coaches oversee study time to ensure that students do not fall behind in their studies. JTCC emphasizes academic excellence and character development side-by-side with the growth and improvement of each player’s tennis skills.

JTCC School Director Mark Santangelo is a graduate of Yale University (B.A. History) and George Washington University (M. Phil., ABD, American History). Prior to joining JTCC in 2006, he taught locally at both private schools and at the college level.

In addition to the Laurel Springs curriculum, JTCC integrates field trips in the Washington, D.C. area as enhanced  learning experiences and offers SAT preparation with supplemental instruction and tutoring in subject fields.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, students in the JTCC School during the 2020-21 school year have been given the option to either receive academic support from teachers and tutors in a fully virtual manner or to pursue a hybrid option where the students have one in-person class session with a very small group of other students, and the remainder of their academic support is provided virtually.

Virtual support is offered in one-on-one sessions via Facetime, Zoom, or Google Meet, scheduled to coordinate with the students’ training and fitness schedules.

The JTCC School classroom is adhering to all mandated COVID protocols with all students and staff wearing masks at all times, strict adherence to social distancing, upgraded air filtration systems, no sharing of class materials, and restricted traffic flow patterns within the classrooms.

For additional information on JTCC School, contact Director of School Mark Santangelo at