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Full-time Champions

Full-Time Champions program participants participate in a minimum of four hours of rigorous tennis training daily plus one hour of fitness training. In addition, the comprehensive program includes coaching at selected Sectional and National tournaments, customized fitness training, mental training with a certified sports psychologist, video analysis, college counseling for juniors and seniors, and after-school tutoring.

Full-time Champions program annual tuition includes 40 weeks of training during the program year and five weeks of summer training.

The timing of the practice schedule will be determined by the coaching staff. Players who attend the JTCC School in addition to full-time training will attend school during the hours they are not on court. Players are not required to attend the JTCC School to participate in the Full-Time Champions program.

A typical day for a full-time player and student starts with tennis training Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until noon. The JTCC School Director will establish each student’s individualized school schedule.