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Jun 20, 2019

Dear JTCC Players and Parents,

We are excited to update you on the Edge’s summer curriculum! The Edge is the Mental Conditioning Center located at JTCC. Tennis requires more than just physical skill; athletes who are mentally fit will be better prepared to play to their full potential.

This summer, mental conditioning coaches will be working with athletes in group sessions both on and off the court once a week. The goal is to reinforce the importance of routines and how they help to focus attention on “one thing” before and during practice and competition. A busy mind during competition can be harmful to performance. By helping athletes create and utilize their own routines, it allows them to quieten their minds and control their focus on what is most critical to their performance at any given point in a match situation. Attention control is one of the 6 components of our optimal performance model and utilizing routines gives athletes the control necessary to bring them closer to their optimal level.

The Edge is also excited to offer individual packages, where athletes can work one-on-one with mental conditioning coaches to personalize their mental training program. In addition to individual sessions, we will continue to offer interactive workshops, on-court training, match analysis, and mindfulness recovery sessions throughout the fall semester.

For more information about our services, upcoming programs, and how to schedule your free initial session please contact Peter Lee ( You can also follow @edgejtcc on Instagram.

Next week our newsletter will recap this week’s focus: ‘Attention Thieves’

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