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Stiles Brockett Commits to NCAA Champion UVA

Oct 2, 2023

JTCC High Performance player Stiles Brockett started training at JTCC in 2020 with a goal “to become the best player he could be”.

Three years later, Brockett not only is one of the country’s best junior players and Boys 16 National champion, but he recently verbally committed to join one of the best collegiate programs in the country at the University of Virginia.

A member of the Full-Time program at JTCC, Brockett is a Blue Chip five-star recruit who has amassed an impressive list of achievements, including three National Gold Balls at the 2021 Winter Boys’ 16s Doubles Championships, the 2022 Boys’ 16s Clay Court Championships, and the 2023 Boys’ 18s Doubles Clay Court Championships. 

Upon graduating from JTCC in 2024, Brockett joins a prestigious Cavaliers program that has won back-to-back NCAA championships in 2022-23, and has captured six of the last 10 team championships.

Brockett follows the footsteps of other notable JTCC alumni, including Stefan Regalia, a JTCC 2023 graduate; Mitchell Frank, 6-time NCAA Champion, Luca Corinteli,3-time NCAA Champion, and Treat Huey, a former ATP professional who is currently serving as UVA Assistant Coach.

“I chose UVA primarily because of the incredible culture,” said Stiles. “The coaches have shown undying support and belief in me throughout the process. The team is super close, and the energy during practices and matches is unreal. I’m so pumped to join that environment and go to battle with the boys.”

“There’s a rich legacy connecting JTCC and UVA,” expressed JTCC Director of International Operations Asaf Yamin.

“Brockett will mark the 20th player JTCC has sent to UVA, as our longstanding partnership has yielded outstanding results. Stiles will be part of one of the nation’s top programs, enabling him to pursue both his on-court and academic aspirations. We are eager to see what he will achieve.”

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