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Aug 8, 2017

What makes the Grand Slams so special for tennis players?

Is it the great cities of Melbourne, Paris, London and New York?

Is it because only the best tennis players in the world can play in them?

Is it because competing at these tournaments has been THE DREAM of every tennis player since he/she started playing the game?

Is it the large crowds who flock to the venues and throw huge levels of attention onto the players?

Is it the chance to be in close proximity to all the top pro players and be able to watch them closely and learn from the very best?

Brian Cernoch serving at the French Open

I would say all of the above and more. Each Grand Slam is unique and offers a different thrill. Recently I had the privilege to travel with two JTCC players to the European Slams (The French Open and Wimbledon). Brian Cernoch and Andrew Fenty spent countless hours on and off the courts at JTCC preparing for the two events. I have mentored these guys for almost three years now and I know exactly how much it meant to them and how hard they worked to get there.

Paris was our first stop. The excitement was palpable as both Brian and Andrew were about to play in their first junior Grand Slam. As a competitive athlete, you want to enjoy your achievements but with that being said, you want to feel like a true contender. There are always improvements to be made and new horizons to be conquered. The French Open was a great learning curve. The boys competed admirably against the top juniors in the world. They witnessed what it feels like being part of such a huge event and were able to mark a new territory. They saw close up the strong work ethics and dedication of the top pro players and their fellow juniors. Paris was the starter or appetizer!


Brian Cernoch (L), Asaf Yamin (C), Rafael Nadal (R)


The training sessions at JTCC in between the French Open and Wimbledon were superb. The guys were extremely pumped. It felt like they were two children who had tasted some candy and just wanted more. London was our second destination. No matter how many times one visualizes entering the All England club, nothing can simulate that feeling. Wimbledon is a truly magical place which words can’t describe. I remember the looks on the Brian and Andrew’s faces when we first entered the club. They were on cloud nine, somewhere lost in the history and magnitude of the place. The boys felt very special, but also extremely grateful, to be wearing all white and being escorted to the courts. Wimbledon is all about tradition and class. Grass courts were an unknown for both players and it was great to see the guys making adjustments and raising their level as they adapted to their new surroundings. The experience Brian and Andrew had at Wimbledon will undoubtedly help their growth and development as players moving forward.



The Junior US Open is around the corner and they can’t wait to play in front of the local crowd at Flushing Meadows in New York City. Brian and Andrew would truly be so appreciative and honored if you were able to come and support them in their home country.

Trust Your Training,

Coach Asaf Yamin

Andrew Fenty signs autographs at Wimbledon

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