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National Student-Athlete Competition

Mar 22, 2013

The National Student Athlete Competition (or NSAC) is a point-based system that awards college scholarships to top scholar athletes.  The point system emphasizes academic excellence in the following subjects: Math, Science, English and Social Studies.  Points can also be earned through participation in USTA tennis tournaments and activities.  Here is a breakdown of the point system:

Receiving an A grade:  400 points
Receiving a B grade:  300 points
Receiving a C grade:  50
Entering in a Tennis Link tournament:  40 points
Winning a Tennis Link tournament:  120 points
Submitting an entry into the Arthur Ashe Essay Contest:  400 points
Participating in Junior Team Tennis (per day): 15 points

As you can see, the NSAC point system favors a strong academic performance.  In fact, most student-athletes have won the competition solely from their classroom efforts.

Eighteen scholarships are awarded each year to the top three boys and girls in the following age groups:  High School, Lower/Middle School and 10 and Under.  The prize breakdowns:

First Place:  $5,000 scholarship and trip to NYC
Second Place: $2,500 scholarship
Third Place:  $1,000 scholarship

For the 2011-2012 school year, Matthew Pang (pictured above) of the Tennis Center at College Park won NSAC in the 10 and Under category.

“The award means a lot to me because I try to do my best in school and in tennis. Hopefully I can keep doing well with both as I get older,” said Pang.

NSAC is open to USTA members entering grades 1 through 12.  Although the competition is half over (the deadline to submit 1st and 2nd Quarter report cards has passed for this year), we still encourage student-athletes to enter the competition and submit their 3rd Quarter (June 30 deadline) and 4th Quarter (July 31 deadline) report cards.  As well, students should enter an essay in the Arthur Ashe Essay Contest.  The USTA keeps track of the points on their website.

If you are currently in JTCC programming, we highly recommend that you partake in this competition.  Your registration and report card submission point person is Merritt Johnson, JTCC Director of Future Champions.

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