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JTCC Covid Policy Update

May 20, 2021

    • We are pleased to announce the following changes in JTCC policies regarding Covid-19 restrictions.  These steps are being taken after a thorough review process based on the new guidelines set by the CDC, State of Maryland, and Prince George’s County. Effective immediately as of May 19:
      • No mask requirements indoors or outdoors. Players, families, and coaches may still choose to wear masks at their own discretion.
      • There will be no restrictions on building occupancy and no social distancing requirements. Class ratios will also return to pre-pandemic levels.
      • Temperature scans will no longer be required when entering the JTCC facility.
      • Locker rooms will be open, and shower and towel service will resume.
      • Seating will be available in areas throughout the facility.
        • We respectfully request that parents observe the signage restricting them from designated areas while their children are participating in programming.

      With the recent changes in local, state, and federal policy, JTCC will continue to closely monitor the situation and will make any changes necessary to keep JTCC safe and in compliance with all local rules.

      The entire facility will be professionally cleaned daily as well as high use areas cleaned throughout the day.

      JTCC is also pleased to announce that 91% of its workforce has been fully vaccinated in an effort to protect the entire JTCC family.

      A big thanks to all of you who have stuck with us throughout the pandemic. We greatly appreciate your support as we navigate this road to recovery.

      Here’s to a healthy spring and summer!



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