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Aug 16, 2018

Over the course of the summer JTCC players, coaches and staff have been using ‘Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise’ by Andres Ericsson and Robert Pool to help improve their performance. The book focuses on five major concepts that everyone at JTCC has spent some time reviewing:

  • The Gift – it is not about the genetics, it’s about the performers adaptability
  • Practice – (naive, purposeful, and deliberate) –Purposeful/deliberate practice involves setting a goal, focus, feedback, exit comfort.
  • Mental Representation – mental representation and multiple reps strengthens skills set and allows performers to connect other thoughts at a higher level
  • 10,000 hour rule? – not a rule – some experts have had to spend more or less time on deliberate practice to be at the highest level
  • “Homo Exercens” – consciously improving ourselves by committed to practicing

To watch a detailed analysis of ‘Peak’ click here

In reviewing Peak JTCC players have been examining the core concepts of deliberate practice and how they can incorporate them successfully into their own training. The four stages of deliberate practice are:

1) Clear Goals and Objectives

2) Intense Focus

3) Exit Your Comfort Zone

4) Immediate Feedback

Two weeks ago current WTA singles and doubles star Darija Jurak from Croatia worked through a training session on court at JTCC with Megan Moulton-Levy (former WTA professional and JTCC’s Director of Mentoring).  The video below presents a short recap of Darija’s session with Megan and highlights the different stages of deliberate practice. This provides an excellent example of what JTCC players are trying to work towards every time they are on court themselves.

Happy Training!

Peter Lee (JTCC Adviser Optimal Performance)

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