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Kyndall was Awarded 1st Place in USTA National Student Athletic Competition

Nov 27, 2015


The USTA Foundation recognizes the top 3 boys and girls in elementary school nationwide with Awards. Kyndall Lucas won 1st place in the elementary girls category among over 1,300 female players. The Competition is a combination of USTA Tournaments, Jr. Team Tennis and the Arthur Ashe Essay.  Please read Kyndall’s essay below.

Kyndall Lucas started to train at College Park (Kids Club Orange) in September of 2014. She just turned 8 years old in May and moved to Orange 2 in September of this year. This family has been very supportive to all our children, not just Kyndall, by creating a positive environment for our program. Her father volunteered as a captain of Junior Team Tennis and her mother brought treats for special occasions such as Jr. Team Tennis, Valentines, Halloween.  They are always courtside, cheering the kids and providing encouragement.

How my Dad has supported my interest and success in “Junior Tennis”


My name is Kyndall Lucas and I’m very interested in the sport of Tennis. Tennis has helped my confidence in school, my friendships with other kids and my most of all, my bonding with my Dad. My Dad also loves to play tennis but often hurts his calf when playing. I have complete support from my Dad. He is always there for me during practice and he enjoys talking with other parents and coaches while I train with the other kids. He encourages me to always practice sportsmanship and to have fun.

My Dad is also a great teacher with lots of patience and love. He teaches me the rules of tennis and he always says life is a lot like tennis. He says there are good days and not so good days just like a tie-breaker in a tennis match. He claps for me when I hit good shots and even when I hit a shot out of bounds. He claps for my opponent also. I think about the adjustment necessary to win and try my hardest until the match is over. Tennis helps me physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually because I find myself praying I get a “bye” in the first round of 16. Anyway, Tennis is fun and now it’s my passion.

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