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Jul 26, 2017

Written by TC Costello

Director of Fitness

Edited by Mackenzie Clark

The Green & Gold Editor-in-Chief

Lauren Anzalotta

We are over a month into our summer training at JTCC. It has been a great summer of working out for our athletes so far. We have been very fortunate with the weather as we haven’t had the usual heat and it hasn’t rained much. These favorable conditions allow us to be more creative with our training and get more out of it.

One of the areas where we increase our training in the summer is with our running. Our kids have been doing a great job putting in the work to improve their conditioning. We want to make sure all of our athletes are getting a good mix of all different types of training. They have all been doing a range of sprint work, strength, sand training, tennis specific footwork, and flexibility. Every Tuesday and Thursday we have been doing yoga with our instructor, Edy, which really helps to relax them.

However an area in which our players still need to improve is with hydration. August is right around the corner and everyone from the DC area knows how hot it can be then. It is crucial for our players to make sure they stay hydrated. It is very important given how much water they are expelling every day. They should all be carrying a water bottle with them throughout the day. It is better to have a bottle constantly filled up rather than using the small cups at the water coolers. The players need to make sure they are doing the little things right in order to get the most out of their training.

We had nutritionist, Dr. Elizabeth Wheeler, come in and talk to some of our parents and players. She stressed the importance of drinking water throughout the day. If you are smart about drinking enough water you won’t need to worry about drinking Gatorade or other sports drinks. We plan on having her back to talk to more of our players soon.

Overall our players have been doing a good job. We will continue to train hard throughout the remainder of the summer and have our players well prepared for the fall!

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