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JTCC Players Train at Sloane Stephens Foundation Camp

Nov 7, 2022

Six JTCC High Performance players had an amazing opportunity to join Grand Slam Champion Sloane Stephens in the third annual Sloane Stephens Foundation Invitation Training Camp at Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Center in Dorchester, MA.

Held October 27-30, the four-day camp emphasized training, match play, and the college pathway through informative sessions and lectures for parents to learn about junior tennis training and college recruiting.

JTCC players Omar Amboseda, Aqeela Malik, Nathen Martin, Andrea Nicholson, Amari O’Brien, and Antonio Warner were joined by JTCC General Manager of Player Development Megan Moulton-Levy for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“This camp was an amazing opportunity and experience for our kids to get to hear and learn from someone as accomplished as Sloane Stephens,” Moulton-Levy said. “I know our players enjoyed meeting and hearing from Sloane and training for a couple of hours on the court each day.” 

Nathen Martin received accolades from the camp counselors for being the “Most Energetic Player” for encouraging his teammates throughout the training sessions.

“Winning this award felt great and reflects who I am as an individual. I enjoy tennis, but I’m also happy when the people I’m playing with are also enjoying the game,” Martin said with a smile.

In 2013, Stephens created her foundation with a mission to “change the narrative of poverty, health inequity, and educational underdevelopment.”

“It was cool to meet many inspirational people, especially Sloane Stephens. She was very nice and genuine,” 16-year-old Amari O’Brien stated. “I learned a lot from many nice and caring people, including things to help me with my mental game and the process of getting into college. I enjoyed this camp, and it was an amazing experience.”

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