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JTCC Players Selected To Serve On USTA Mid-Atlantic Junior Player Council

Jan 5, 2023

Two players from JTCC, Adrienne Moseley and Carter Hillman, received exciting news this month when they were selected to serve on the Mid-Atlantic Junior Players Council.

The newly formed committee is designed to give young players a voice in providing feedback on current USTA MAS Youth tennis programs and incorporate these ideas to create higher-quality youth sports programs in the future.

Comprised of active MAS players who participate in one of the following Junior and College tennis programs: Junior Team Tennis, Tournaments, Wheelchair, High School, Tennis on Campus, and NCAA programs, the council will include monthly meetings and projects during the six month period.

“I was very excited when I found out, and it’s amazing to be selected,” exclaimed Hillman, who lives in West Virginia and commutes an hour and a half each Saturday to participate in programming.

“I really enjoy the program at JTCC, and it’s helped me a lot to get better at tennis. I have definitely improved from when I first started, and the coaches are great, especially Coach Gabby.”

Moseley started training at JTCC with Orange Ball classes before progressing to the Champs II program. With the opportunity to make a difference in the tennis community, Moseley is excited to get started.

“I was ecstatic. I am looking forward to working with my fellow members to positively impact the sport I love,” commented Moseley, who describes the impact JTCC has had on her life.

“JTCC has not only helped me get better at tennis, but also to find my love for volunteering via the Phase 2 program.”

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