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JTCC Alumni Hitting Session Sparks Social Media Attention

Jan 5, 2024

The past and present collided during winter break at JTCC when several alumni returned from college to train together with current High Performance players.

The holiday training sessions featured thrilling rallies, powerful serves, and a joyful camaraderie that showcased the success of the JTCC pathway.

The reunion also sparked attention on social media with a 55-second video of one of the hitting sessions posted on JTCC’s Instagram page generating 36,000 views, more than 196 hours of watch time, and 1,153 likes.

The impressive lineup of players included five current NCAA players—

Mikeal Carpenter (Morgan State University), Brian Cernoch (University of North Carolina), Ryan Colby (University of Georgia), Trinity Grear (Rice University), and Cyrus Mahjoob (University of Georgia).

“Coming back to JTCC over the holiday break is something I look forward to every year,” shared Cernoch. “Getting a high-quality practice with fellow alumni and being able to talk about college and reminisce on our times in College Park always brings back great memories.”

Grear echoes Cernoch’s sentiments.

“I know how fortunate I am to have such a great support system in place when I come home, and I don’t take it for granted,” stated Grear. “It allows us to have a proper preseason and stay sharp over the break so we can be ready to compete at a high level in the new year.”

To watch the clip of the players posted on social media, please click here.

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