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JTCC COVID-19 Policy Update

Nov 23, 2021

Dear JTCC Members and Family,

We hope everyone is enjoying indoor tennis and is preparing for a wonderful holiday season.  JTCC is still committed to keeping everyone safe while at JTCC so we are writing to inform you and remind you of our current COVID-19 policies and inform you of the updates to those policies.

Effective immediately as of 11/22/21:

  • If you are not fully vaccinated for COVID -19 you must remain masked at all times while in any indoor setting at JTCC. This includes while playing on the indoor courts.
  • For those fully vaccinated, masks must be worn in all indoor spaces except when playing on the indoor tennis courts.
    • Spectators of players on the court must remain masked while in the buildings.
  • There will be no restrictions on building occupancy and no social distancing requirements but we ask that everyone be respectful of others personal space.
  • Seating will be available in areas throughout the facility.
    • We respectfully request that parents observe the signage restricting them from designated areas while their children are participating in programming.
  • There are no mask requirements outdoors. Players, families, and coaches may still choose to wear masks at their own discretion.

Last year JTCC spent over $50,000 on a Bipolar Ionization System in our tennis buildings to effectively clean the air mitigating the presents of COVID -19 in the air. Additionally, we upgraded all our air filtration to MERV-13, the same used in hospitals.

It is our hope that these measures will keep everyone at JTCC safe throughout the indoor season.  We hope to see you on the court.



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