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Chance at Immortality

Apr 25, 2013

It could be you.

You could be traversing the Big Apple taking in the sights hours before a showdown with Roger Federer.

You could be under the microscope as reporters probe for a controversial sound bite for the 6:00 o’clock news.

You could be fraternizing with Serena Williams in the plush Players Lounge.

You could be the object of affection for throngs of New Yorkers yearning to root for the underdog to unseat Goliath.

You could be under the bright lights of Ashe embroiled in a mesmerizing exchange of forehands with Rafael Nadal.

You could be wailing yellow spheres inscribed with your John Hancock into the crowd after notching a 5th set win.

It could be you.

Grab your chance at immortality.

The Tennis Center at College Park will be the Mid-Atlantic site for one of the US Open sectional qualifying tournaments this June.

Are you in?

Or, you could purchase prime courtside US Open tickets from the Junior Tennis Champions Center and watch the best tennis players duke it out for their chance at immortality.

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