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Nov 22, 2016

A current JTCC parent applauds the behind the scenes efforts of JTCC’s Development and Community Outreach Manager, Olivia Janowicz:

If you have ever seen Olivia Janowicz hit with some of the students or JTCC staff, it should come as no surprise that she was one of the best junior and collegiate players in the US.  She started playing tennis at a young age in New Jersey and moved to Florida at the age of 12 to focus on her chosen sport.

After a stellar junior career, her success continued at the University of Florida where she played all 4 years.  She led her Gators to 2 NCAA Championships and as a senior, she played #1 singles and was consistently ranked in the ITA top 10.  All the while, Olivia was able to excel academically and graduated with Honors in Political Science.

Olivia Janowicz arrived to JTCC in early 2015 and she has found a way to use her many talents as the Development and Community Outreach Manager.

Her primary role in Development focuses on fundraising by reaching out to benefactors (i.e. – foundations).  This process includes a 60 plus page grant application that can take days to complete.  There are many other well deserving non-profits who compete for the same dollars and not every application results in a successful partnership.  Olivia must show the benefactors the value of partnering with a non-profit organization such as JTCC.

One way that Olivia has shown potential benefactors the value of JTCC is in her role as the Community Outreach Manager. She oversees a program that provides free tennis instruction to over 600 children at up to 16 schools/community centers in Prince George’s County Maryland and Washington, DC.  These programs run 12 months a year and are staffed by JTCC coaches and students.  This program is vital to the surrounding community by encouraging physical exercise/sportsmanship and growing/promoting the sport of tennis.

Thanks to the attention to detail and passion that Olivia brings to work every day, JTCC is able to successfully function as a non-profit organization and hundreds of young children are able to stay fit and participate in the sport of tennis.  As with many of the staff at JTCC, Olivia continues to give back to a sport that has given her so much.

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