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Intermediate Classes

To schedule an evaluation, contact Jordan Zimmerman at jzimmerman@jtcc.org.

Registration is currently open for Session 4 which runs April 5 – June 13.

Control and Position

NTRP: 3.0

Control and Position is designed for players looking to take their game to the next level. These clinics focus on directional control and positioning on court. This class is designed for players who are consistent when hitting medium-paced shots, but who are not comfortable with all strokes.

10-Week Sessions (90-minute class one day per week)

Spin and Power

NTRP: 3.5

Spin and Power is a program for players who have achieved dependable stroke production with directional control and moderate pace shots. This class adds to a player’s arsenal of shots and encourages more offensive play. Placement in this class requires approval from the Director of Tennis. To schedule an evaluation, contact Director of Tennis Tyler Delaney at tdelaney@jtcc.org

10-Week Sessions (90-minute class one day per week)