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Intermediate Classes

All new players registering for adult tennis programs 2.5 and higher MUST complete a player assessment or they will be withdrawn from the class. Please call 301-779-8000 or email Jordan Zimmerman to book your assessment.

Registration is open for Fall Session (September 7 – November 14)!

adult 2.5 clinic

Student/Coach Ratio: 6:1

Play singles & doubles more successfully. Initiate a point by directing the serve to the forehand or backhand side of an opponent. Maintain a consistent rally with improved reception of wider, higher/deeper, and lower/shorter balls. When at net, receive volleys at different heights, and maintain a consistent exchange.

adult 3.0 clinic*

Student/Coach Ratio: 1:6

Win singles and doubles points by using spin to control the arc of the ball. Start points by serving to an opponent’s weak side and return with a variety of placements (crosscourt, line, lob). Maintain a crosscourt exchange by sending and receiving balls with topspin and sending slice backhands. At net, pressure opponents with direction and respond to lobs with an overhead.

*Placement in this class requires approval from Director of Adult Tennis Jordan Zimmerman.