Peter LeeSenior Advisor Optimal Performance

    Lee is an Optimal Performance Consultant with more than a decade of mental skills education experience. Lee has trained athletes, coaches, military service members, executives, and medical professionals. He is responsible for multiple start-up mental skills training centers for sport and military performers. Lee is a graduate of the University of Vermont, where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies while competing in Division I Tennis.  Combining his interests in athletics and psychology, Lee went on to receive his Masters in Counseling and Sport Psychology at Boston University. Lee became the first Director of Mental Conditioning for the Manchester Athletic Club/Bollettieri Academy in Manchester, MA in 2003.  In addition to his work in Massachusetts, he reviewed, collaborated and supported both Tennis and Mental Conditioning departments at the IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida.  From 2006 to present, he has trained our country’s “tactical athletes” for the military including Wounded Warriors, Special Forces, Navy Seals and Combat Units.From 2006 – 2014, he trained with the Center For Enhanced Performance (CEP) at West Point, Lee helped found the first Army Center for Enhanced Performance (ACEP) as a Peak Performance Trainer at Fort Bragg, NC, home of the 82nd Airborn and Special Forces.  Next, Lee became Site Manager and Performance Enhancement Specialist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.Since joining the staff at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in July 2011 as the Performance Enhancement Specialist, he has helped to further incorporate mental skills training as part of the integrated care model for Service Members’ with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and psychological health (PH) conditions. A long-time active member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), Lee has been a mental conditioning coach for a large number of individual athletes and teams, ranging from elite juniors to professional athletes, including; NCAA, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, ATP, WTA, PGA, LPGA, Junior Olympic Athletes, Elite Soccer, Professional Motocross, Ultra distance Athletes, Marathon Runners, Mountaineers and Crossfit Competitors. Lee has also coached individual active military service members as well as Special Forces, full combat units, medical staff, business executives, public speakers, musicians and actors.