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JTCC is seeking a Community Outreach Manager

Feb 27, 2013


Take charge of JTCC’s community outreach program with focus, passion, organization, and leadership.  JTCC is looking for a Community Outreach Manager (COM) who desires to grow and build a career at JTCC.  The COM will report to the CEO and take direction from the General Manager, overseeing the daily operations that will shape JTCC’s vision of hosting the finest community outreach program in the nation.  To apply, click here and you will be re-directed to the job posting on Linkedin.


-Introduce the sport of tennis to youth who otherwise would not have the means to play

-Provide additional training to motivated and talented youth, which opens the pipeline to earn athletic scholarships to leading colleges and universities

-To grow the program’s brand and to expand deeper into Prince George’s County and other neighboring counties

-Incorporate the Academic Creative Engagement (ACE) curriculum into tennis programming

Major Responsibilities

-Maintain, strengthen, and build relationships with the greater Washington, DC community through exposing tennis to after-school programs and community centers in underserved areas

-Run programs and day-to-day activities within budgetary guidelines

-Order equipment and materials

-Staff and schedule sites and programs sufficiently

-Manage all program personnel

-PR efforts, including build a website presence

-Plan and implement annual Spring Festival open house

-Assist with fundraising, grant writing

-Physically make presence felt at key local tennis and charity events

-Provide quarterly statistics on participation numbers, surveys

-Oversee talent search for new young talent from the program

-Manage the ACE program

-Manage JTCC’s Leadership Training Program

-Organize weekly and quarterly meetings for program staff

-Coordinate volunteer schedules with JTCC coaches, players (and their parents)

-Compile bi-yearly digital record of progression of program youth at JTCC

-Oversee scholarships, performance reviews, and expectations of youth/parents invited to participate in JTCC’s club programming

-Handle paperwork such as proposals, contracts, and vetting documents to ensure JTCC is in good standing with community school districts, parks and recreation departments, and other organizations

-Develop an in-school and assembly program to increase general excitement about program and tennis

Division of Time

-Approximately 20 hours a week as COM

-Additional time on court and/or working in JTCC marketing and fundraising


-Knowledge of tennis is desirable

– Seeking an energetic person who believes that tennis can be a vehicle for creating opportunities for young people

-Excellent oral and writing communication skills

-Strong organizational and administrative abilities

-A confident self starter with high energy, stamina, and a strong belief that hard work will deliver results in the long term.

-Own car and insurance preferred

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