Neighborhood Youth Outreach

JTCC Neighborhood Youth Outreach (NYO) programs provide free after-school tennis instruction to students at elementary schools and recreation centers in Washington DC and Prince George’s County, MD. 

Neighborhood Youth Outreach started in 2009 with the launch of the GEICO Game On! program and Sandy Spring Bank Advantage Prince George’s in Washington DC and Prince George’s County, MD, respectively. New partnerships with the Police Athletic League (PAL) and College Park Academy (CPA) have increased youth participation.

To date, JTCC Neighborhood Youth Outreach programs have reached more than 6,000 youth.

Coaches and volunteers travel to outreach sites to provide a unique combination of tennis instruction and academic support. JTCC utilizes the Academic Creative Engagement (ACE) curriculum, a nationally accredited, out-of-school program, designed to support and encourage academic achievement, health, wellness, and strengthen life skills.

For more information on Neighborhood Youth Outreach programs, contact Ava Todd, Community Outreach Manager.

Phase 2

Players who successfully complete one of the JTCC Neighborhood Youth Outreach programs are eligible to be considered for a scholarship to train at JTCC in the Phase 2 program.

The Phase 2 program is the next step for players in the program to continue learning tennis by participating in a free 10-week training session at JTCC.

JTCC coaches select players to participate in the Phase 2 program based on attendance, enthusiasm, and engagement in the Neighborhood Youth Outreach program.

Phase 2 classes are led by JTCC coaches and High Performance players, who serve as role models for the aspiring young players.

Players who complete the 10-week Phase 2 program are eligible for additional scholarship support to participate in the JTCC Future Champs program.