JTCC & ThanksUSA

JTCC & ThanksUSA began a partnership in Summer 2018 called Tennis Corps. Tennis Corps is a program designed to bring youth and veterans together on court through weekly clinics hosted at JTCC. The session serve as rehabilitative clinics for veterans suffering from mental and/or physical disabilities. Instruction is led by JTCC’s Abby Landis, a certified adaptive tennis coach, and Coach Brenda Gilmore from ThanksUSA. Every Wednesday from 11:30 to 1PM, a group of veterans travel to JTCC and spend time on court with JTCC Champs doing various drills and participating in doubles match play. Once a month, the group stays for a lunch providing an opportunity for the participants to socialize with JTCC students and coaches. Click here to view some pictures of the program in action

The video below is from the launch event for Tennis Corps in July 2018: