Venkat IyerDirector of Business Development

    Venkat joined JTCC in January 2020 as the Director of Business Development. At part of JTCC’s leadership team, Venkat is responsible for creating new initiatives for growing the game of tennis and managing programs that allow underserved youth in DC’s communities to join the game. He is also involved in fundraising efforts and creating partnership opportunities for sponsors to positively impact communities through tennis participation. 

    Prior to JTCC, Venkat worked for the United Nations focusing on sustainable development in Africa and Asia. His expertise lies in working with governments, donors, and local stakeholders to create solutions that promote growth and inclusivity. He is a former professional tennis player, and was Captain of the Cornell men’s tennis team from 2011-2013. Venkat has a B.S in Applied Economics from Cornell University, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Columbia University.