JTCC offers outstanding Summer Training for young tennis players of all ability levels from the age of 4-18. 

These different programs offer a wide range of tennis camps from beginner red ball programs through to high level performance training for players competing nationally and internationally.

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10 and Under – Red Tennis Camp (Ages 4-7), Red Tennis & Activities Camp (Ages 4-7), Orange Tennis Camp (Ages 8-10), and Orange Tennis & Activities Camp (Age 8-10)

11 and Over – Green Tennis Camp (Ages 10-12) and Yellow Tennis Camp (Ages 13+)

High Performance – Champs 1, Champs 2/Future Champs, and Junior Champs

Click here to contact Wilfrance Lominy for more information on High Performance 

Click here to contact Tyler Delaney for more information on 11 and Over and 10 and Under