The Junior Champions Program is an after-school invitation-only program for players ages 8-12. The goal is to develop young players who possess the talent, character, work ethic and desire to progress to JTCC’s highly acclaimed Champions Program.


junior champs training program

In the Junior Champions program, Director Ali Aganamba introduces players to High-Performance Training focusing on proper tennis technique, match play, fitness, video analysis, evaluation, and after-school tutoring. The program emphasizes a strong foundation to build upon, which will allow the players to grow their games effectively on and off the court. Coaches attend many local tournaments to evaluate JTCC players in competition.


Tennis & Fitness Training

Junior Champs is the first 12-and-Under program where players are introduced to fitness training in addition to their on-court development. Players typically practice 2-5 days per week with progressive drills, including footwork and technique, live ball hitting, hand fed drills, and racket fed drills.

Junior Champs 1 focuses on four aspects of tennis training: fundamentals, tournament preparation, tournament peak, and active rest. The fitness is a gradual progression toward high-intensity focusing on endurance, power, agility, and flexibility. Junior Champs 1 will also receive quarterly one-hour sessions of mental training in the classroom.

Junior Champs 2 focuses on stroke production and development. Players will be utilizing the Green Dot ball in drills to establish a strong technical foundation. Fitness is highly specialized emphasizing coordination, balance, and agility. 

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