The Champions Program is offered year-round both as an after-school and full-time program for players ages 10 and older. To be invited to participate in the Champions Program, a player must be a tournament player who wants to play college tennis and have demonstrated a strong work ethic.

Enrollment in the Champions program is by invitation only. Led by JTCC Senior Director of Tennis Vesa Ponkka, the Champions Program has a rigorous curriculum offering comprehensive training with 3-5 practice sessions per week on both hard and clay courts depending on the tournament season.

Mentoring and individualized programs stress player responsibility and independence. Intensive daily fitness training is an integral part of the Champions regimen.

Summer Training

There are 11 weeks of summer training beginning in mid June and concluding in late August. Most Champs attend at least 6 summer camp weeks.  Summer sessions consist of drills, match play, fitness, and mental training. Depending on age and ability levels, players are assigned to one of two Champions groups: Champions 1 (Monday through Friday from 8 am – 3 am) or Champions 2 (Monday through Friday from 11 am – 6 pm).