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mindbody tennis

Looking for a unique and powerful method to improve your mental game?

MBT is on a mission to help as many players as possible achieve the following results:

  • I can relax on court when I’m tense.
  • I can adapt on court when I’m challenged.
  • I can disrupt negative spiraling on court. 
  • I can get the most out of my practice time.

In each class, you will experience the following:

  • The MBT Meditative Warmup, where you go through a full match warmup while being guided through a body scan meditation.
  • Choose one thing to work on in your game, and learn how to improve it.
  • Practice integrating this skill in a cooperative rally situation.
  • Practice integrating this skill in a competitive situation.

Players report being amazed at how much this approach empowers them on the court, and how their focus improves off the court as well! 


Hear from MBT Founder Houston Poem on what to expect in the class:

“MindBody Tennis is NOT for players who only want to be told by a coach how to play better. This experience is specifically designed for the players who take joy in figuring things out on their own. You will learn how to access and put to use the vast amount of information that is always present on court, and awaken your own inner coach.”

While MindBody Tennis does integrate mindfulness, and embodiment, it is NOT yoga. Expect to hit a lot of balls.

To learn more, download the MBT Player Guide below. 

 What do players have to say about the transformational experience?

“I learned that I can relate what is happening on court to life, and grow as a person and player at the same time.”

“I am an impatient person on the court and in life, and the self-reflection focus and player feedback format of the class helped me understand why. I will attend every MBT session I can in the future!”

“MBT made me think about tennis in a way I never have before, and I look forward to learning more unique methods in this class to improve my mental and physical game.”

Reach out to Houston Poem to claim a free trial. You can also Drop-In for a weekly class or sign up for a discounted 10-week session. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to align your game!

MBT is for players rated 2.5 and up. You are expected to be able to serve and rally in order to participate fully in the offerings of this class.

See for yourself!