September Star of the Month


September JTCC Stars of the Month

The Gray Brothers

JTCC is excited to introduce the first “JTCC Stars of the Month” recipients Cody and Coy Gray. These stars were selected by their coaches because they show a tremendous amount of character off the court by participating in numerous community service projects. In the past year, Cody totaled 200 hours of community service through JTCC, and Coy earned credit for 180 hours. These are the most community service hours that JTCC students have ever earned.
Coy (left) and Cody (right) were awarded the Community Service Award in May by Community Outreach Manager, Annessa Taylor.

Throughout the year, Cody, who is in the Champions Program, and Coy, who is in the Junior Champions Program, can be found assisting with tennis programs, which include the Police Athletic League, summer camps, and community festivals.
“It’s fun to give back and experience what teachers do,” said Cody. “We meet new kids and see them progress in tennis.” Both Cody and Coy agreed that they enjoy leading by example.
If their combined 380 hours of service at JTCC is impressive, it would not be surprising to learn that the boys also serve additional hours of community service outside JTCC with the Boy Scouts. The boys’ father, Rory, loved giving back to his community as a child and thought Boy Scouts would be a great fit for his kids. He believed community service made him a better person and wanted his children to be inspired to serve their community as well.
Cody (left) and Coy (right) receiving a badge.

Cody, 12, has been a Boy Scout for five years, and Coy, 9, for the past three years. The brothers volunteer at community events throughout the year, but especially during the holidays. Both love to participate in their annual Boy Scout food drive at Thanksgiving. Along with their Scout pack, they visit neighborhoods collecting more than 100 cans of food for a local food bank to help feed families in need.
Cody and Coy with their Scout Pack 403 at the food bank to donate the goods they collected.
“Giving back to the community means helping the community like they can help you,” said Coy. “It’s always good to give back to others who need help.”
They also deeply appreciate visiting the Military Cemetery in Annapolis, Maryland with their Scout Pack to lay wreaths for fallen soldiers. “It’s a fun event for a good cause,” said Cody.
 Cody and Coy with their Scout Pack 403 at Military Cemetery in Annapolis, Maryland.
The community service bug runs in the family. Their aunt, Bobbie Edmonds, runs a foundation called Rally for Education that helps underprivileged youth in the Dallas area. The group raises funds to provide children and teens with clothes and school supplies. The foundation also offers a college scholarship, which is named after the boys’ grandmother, Rosie Lee Gray. Cody and Coy love helping their auntie at her event and helping communities outside their own.
Cody and Coy helping their auntie with the Rally for Education Foundation Program in Fort Worth, Texas.
The Gray brothers are truly stars that embody JTCC’s mission to grow successful students on and off the court. The brothers are not only winning the tennis tournaments they attend, but they are winning as leaders in their community. Keep a lookout for these two at any JTCC class or event. They are happy to help out by serving a ball on court or serving a hand in their community.

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