In 2022, Align Your Game with MindBody Tennis

Dec 27, 2021

Looking for a unique and powerful method to improve your mental fortitude on the court? In 2022, align your game with MindBody Tennis, created and led by JTCC Coach Houston Ward. The class is designed to help players improve their mental game through integrating ancient and modern wisdom, leading to a sense of calmness on the court.

The class begins with a meditative warmup, and players can expect a variety of exercises, drills, and games guided by Buddhist, Taoist, and Qigong meditative philosophies. Participants will focus on breathing techniques, visualization, interactive discussion, and focused intent when striking the ball, and will put this to practice in match play at the end of class.

 JTCC hosted a MindBody Tennis Adult Mixer on December 17, a three hour experience that included food, drink, and match play. “I was humbled and amazed by the number of participants and the sincerity of their participation. It feels indescribably potent to have this community within the JTCC community”, Houston remarked after the event. Hear what the participants had to say!

“I learned that I can relate what is happening on court to life, and grow as a person and player at the same time.”


“I am an impatient person on the court and in life, and the self-reflection focus and player feedback format of the class helped me understand why. I will attend every MBT session I can in the future!”


“MBT made me think about tennis in a way I never have before, and I look forward to learning more unique methods in this class to improve my mental and physical game.”

 Sign up today for MindBody Tennis classes, offered twice a week in two groups based on adult NTRP ratings: a 2.5-3.0 level class and a 3.5-4.0+ level class.

Ready to take your tennis to the next level and align your game through MindBody Tennis? Visit to learn more and to register for a MindBody Tennis class, click here.

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