Adult Programs

JTCC’s RALLY programs provide a pathway for all adult players from beginners who have never picked up a racquet to nationally-ranked competitors. Classes are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced play with league competition geared to each level. JTCC adult tennis is a win-win for everyone–a great way for participants to improve and to meet new tennis partners. 

Rally in 10TM

Rally In 10TM is an adult beginner tennis program that teaches players to “rally” (exchanging strokes with a partner) in 10 minutes. It makes learning the basics of tennis fun, affordable, and accessible for anyone and everyone who is looking to learn the sport, find a new fun workout, and meet people in the DMV area. Starting with how to hold the tennis racquet, Rally In 10TM is a goal-oriented program for all to enjoy a fun time while learning the fundamentals of tennis.

We offer a special ‘Bring a Friend’ rate whereby any participant who signs up can invite a friend to join them for classes and the cost is free!

Upcoming Session dates:

June 10 – 30

July 8 – 28

August 5 – 25

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For more information about the program, contact Jordan Zimmerman.

Rally Now (1.5 -2.5)

Rally Now is designed for players who have taken Rally in 10 previously, or have taken some lessons in the past and want to be reintroduced to the game. This class focuses on developing all of the basic strokes trying to keep the ball in play. This player is working on the basic court positions for singles and doubles and trying to gain court experience. 

Court: 60′ Orange Court or 78′ Full Size Court Ball: Orange Ball

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Rally Now Plus (2.5 -3.0)

Rally Now Plus is designed for players who have taken Rally Now. This class focuses on ball recognition, sending and receiving skills and court coverage. They can sustain a short rally of slow pace.

Court: 78′ Full Size Court  Ball: Green Ball

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Control and Position (3.0 – 3.5)

Control and Position is designed for players looking to take their game to the next level. This clinic focuses on directional control and positioning on court. A great follow up to Rally Now Plus, or for a player who is consistent when hitting medium paced shots, but they are not comfortable with all strokes.

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Doubles Clinic (3.0+)

Learn championship strategies, shot making and formations. This clinic focuses on doubles court position, taking control of the net with confidence, poaching and performing specialty shots. 

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Spin and Power (3.5 – 4.0)

The focus of this clinic is to improve the depth and variety of shots. This player has achieved dependable stroke production with directional control and moderate pace shots. This clinic will add to your arsenal of shots and help you play more offensively.  

*Placement in this class requires approval from Director of Tennis Growth. To schedule an evaluation please contact Shaun Nguyen.

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Adult Champs (4.0 – 4.5)

Adult Champs (4.0+) is an intensive clinic designed specifically for former college and current competitive players. Each session includes drilling, competitive situational games and match play. 

*Placement in this class requires approval from Director of Tennis Growth. To schedule an evaluation please contact Shaun Nguyen.

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